The Madeleine Haas Russell Institute of Jewish Learning

Lifelong learning at Emanu-El is led by Rabbi Jonathan Singer, Ariana Estoque and the congregant group, Salon Judaica. To learn more about the Salon Judaica or adult education opportunities, contact Ariana Estoque at or (415) 751-2541 x 307.

Adult Jewish Studies Electives
Indulge your appetite for a taste of Jewish culture, history and the arts with one of our bite-sized electives. These classes are taught by our clergy or guest lecturers and meet approximately six times over the course of a trimester.

Downtown Tauber - What IS Zionism, Anyway?

Mameh Lushn and Bubbeh Myses (Yiddish)

Adult Modern Hebrew 

Introduction to Judaism


SPRING TRIMESTER 2016 - REGISTER NOW. Classes begin the week of March 14

Downtown Tauber - Midrah: Pirke de Rabbi Eliezer with Rabbi Lawrence Kushner

American Jewish Short Stories, Party 2 with Rabbi Carla Fenves

Machzor: Praying with Intention for the High Holy Days with Rabbi Beth Singer

Adult Modern Hebrew 

Introduction to Judaism

Tauber In-Depth Learning Opportunities
Ready to take your love of Jewish learning to the next level? Learn more about our more in-depth classes and find new ways to further your connection to Judaism.

Tauber Yesod Program

Monthly Downtown Tauber (NEW)

Tauber Beit Midrash (NEW)

Downtown Tauber - What IS Zionism, Anyway?

Emanu-El Scholar Classes
Congregation Emanu-El is fortunate to have esteemed scholar in residence, Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, actively engage our congregants and community in innovative and meaningful learning experiences.
 Midrash: The Spaces Between The Worlds of Torah (Saturday morning Torah Study)
Stay tuned for Rabbi Kushner's Spring Class (March - May 2016) - Midrash: Pirke de Rabbi Eliezar


Learn about the two different weekly Torah study opportunities at the temple.

Midrash: The Spaces Between The Worlds of Torah (Rabbi Lawrence Kushner)

Torah Study 


Congregation Emanu-El's robust lecture series brings internationally renowned thought leaders to the temple throughout the year.

Shmuly Yanklowitz - February 23, 2016

Richard Elliott Friedman - April 8 - 10, 2016

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Previous 2015 speakers:

Marcia Falk - September 5

Daniel C. Matt - November 20 - 22

Dr. Laurie Pearce - December 13

Previous 2016 speakers:

Dennis Ross




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