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The Madeleine Haas Russell Institute of Jewish Learning

Rabbi Yehoshua Ben Perachya says, "Find yourself a teacher and acquire for yourself a friend.”—Pirke Avot 1:6

Welcome to the Madeleine Haas Russell Institute of Jewish Learning, which supports all Adult Education at the Temple. Here is where we continue to be inspired by the words of Torah. We believe strongly that Jewish education is a lifetime process and that each student brings their own individual insights to our sacred texts. We strive to meet our community in various places and times in order to bring the wisdom of Torah to their doors.

Join us and become engaged in the process of Talmud Torah—the sacred study of Jewish text.  As Hillel says, “Do not say that I will begin my studies when I have time available, lest no time will be availed."—Pirke Avot 5:2
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It's a Mitzvah! 

Jewmba and Israeli Dancercise 

Downtown Tauber

A Year Of Spain

In-depth Learning Opportunities  

Anshei Mitzvah

Introduction to Judaism

Tauber Yesod Program

Introduction to Modern Hebrew


Torah Study

Mystical Torah 

Emanu-El Scholar Classes

Mystical Torah

Kabbalah: Jewish Mystical Imagination  


The Forum 




Rabbi Arthur Green  

Dr. Sandra Lubarsky  


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