Suggested Torah and Haftarah Readings



Torah 1
Torah 2
Bereshit Gen
1:1- 13
Opening 3 days
of Creation
Gen 3:1-13 Adam, Eve, Apple Isaiah 42:5-12 God recaps creation
Noah Gen 6:11-22 God commands
Gen 11:1-13 Tower of Babel Isaiah 54:6-10 God alludes to Noah
Lech Lecha Gen 12:1-13 God calls upon
Gen 17:1-14 God makes covenant
w/ Abraham
Isaiah 41:8-13 Covenant w/ Abraham
Vayera Gen 18:22-33 Abraham bargaining
w/ God over Sodom
Gen 22:1-14 Binding of Isaac 2nd Kings 4:31-37 Revivial of Elisha's patient
Chaye Sarah Gen 23:1-16 Abraham purchases
Cave of Machpelah
Gen 24:10-27 Rebekah at the Well 1st Kings 1:28-31 King David's oath to Solomon
Toldot Gen 25:19-34 Birth of Jacob + Esau, birthright sold Gen 27:1-17 Jacob steals Esau's blessing Malachi 1:1-5 Malachi alludes to Jacob + Esau
Vayetzei Gen 28:10-22 Jacob's ladder Gen 29:31-30:8 Jacob's first 6 sons Hosea 12:13-13:3 Hosea references Jacob's flight
Vayishlach Gen 32:23-33:1 Jacob wrestles Gen 35:6-21 Jacob blessed
as Israel
Obadiah 1:6-11 Obadiah references Esau's folly
Vayeshev Gen 37:1-14 Joseph's dreams Gen 38:12-30 Judah + Tamar Amos 2:6-9 Israel sells its needy
Mikketz Gen 41:17-32 Joseph interprets
Pharaoh's dreams
Gen 42:1-17 Joseph receives
his brothers
1st Kings 3:23-28 Wisdom of Solomon
Vayigash Gen 45:1-13 Joseph reveals
Gen 45:16-28 Jacob hears that
Joseph is alive
Ezekiel 37:15-19 Joseph + Israel united
Vayechi Gen 48:1-14 Jacob blesses
Ephraim + Menashe
Gen 50:15-26 Deaths of Jacob
+ Joseph
1st Kings 2:1-4 David's testament to Solomon


Torah 1
Torah 2
Shemot Ex 2:1-15 Birth + youth
of Moses
Ex 3:1-15 The burning bush Isaiah 27:6-11 Israel will be renewed
Va'era Ex 6:2-13 God instructs
Moses to petition
Ex 7:15-29 The first plague:
Ezekiel 29:1-6 Ezekiel alludes to Pharaoh's demise
Bo Ex 12:1-13 Commandment
of Passover
Ex 12:29-42 Israelites leave
Jeremiah 46:25-27 Israel delivered from Egypt
Beshallach Ex 14:19-30 Splitting of Red Sea Ex 15:1-12 Song of the Sea Judges 5:1-5 Song of Deborah
Yitro Ex 18:13-27 Yitro teaches
Moses to delegate
Ex 20:1-14 The Ten
Isaiah 6:1-5 Isaiah's account of revelation
Mishpatim Ex 21:22-37 Damages
  + reparations
Ex 22:20-23:3 The poor
+ vulnerable
Jeremiah 34:13-16 Fair treatment of servants
Terumah Ex 25:1-16 The tabernacle
  + ark
Ex 25:23-40 The menorah 1st Kings 6:4-13 Solomon builds Temple
Tetzaveh Ex 28:1-12 Priestly garments Ex 28:31-43 Robe, frontlet,
tunic, headdress
Ezekiel 43:10-12 Ezekiel's version of the Temple
KiTisa Ex 32:1-14 The golden calf Ex 34:1-16 God is revealed
to Moses
1st Kings 18:36-39 Elijah pours water on altar of Baal
Vayakhel Ex 35:1-13 Contributions
to tabernacle
Ex 35:30-36:7 Master craftsmen 1st Kings 7:48-50 Solomon furnishes the Temple
Pekude Ex 40:22-38 Tabernacle
    1st Kings 7:51-8:1 Solomon convokes elders


Torah 1
Torah 2
Vayikra Lev 1:1-13 Command to offer
    Isaiah 43:21-28 Israel fails to offer sacrifices
Tzav Lev 8:1-15

of priests

    Jeremiah 7:21-26 Israel commanded to offer sacrifices
Shemini Lev 10:1-12 Nadav + Abihu Lev 11:1-12 Kashrut laws 2nd Samuel 6:3-8 Uzzah dies trying to protect the ark
Tazria Lev 13:1-17 Purifcation
of skin diseases
    2nd Kings 5:8-14 Elisha cures the leper
Metzora Lev 14:1-12 Purification
of leprosy
    2nd Kings 7:8-10 The lepers repent
Acharei Mot Lev 16:20-34 Ritual of scapegoat,
Yom Kippur
    Amos 9:11-15 Vision of perfected world
Kedoshim Lev 19:1-18 Holiness laws     Ezekiel 20:1-6 God rebukes Israel
Emor Lev 23:1-14 Calendar of
sacred days
Lev 23:26-38 Yom Kippur
+ Sukkot
Ezekiel 44:23-27 Role of the priest
Behar Lev 25:1-12 Sabbatical
  + jubilee years
Lev 25:35-46 Fair treatment
of Israelite servants
Jeremiah 32:6-10 Jeremiah purchased land in Israel
Bechukotai Lev 26:3-15 Blessings
  + curses
Lev 27:1-13 Funding the
Jeremiah 17:5-8 Blessings + curses


Torah 1
Torah 2
Bemidbar Num 1:1-16 The census Num 2:1-17 The arrangement
of the camp
Hosea 2:16-22 Marriage of God + Israel
Naso Num 6:1-12 The nazirite Num 6:22-7:9 Priestly blessing
+ Tabernacle
Judges 13:2-7 Prophecy of Samson's birth
Beha'aloteicha Num 9:15-10:4 Fire-cloud,
Num 12:1-13 Miriam and Aaron
gossip against Moses
Zechariah 4:1-7 Vision of menorah
Shelach Lecha Num 13:25-14:4 The spies' report Num 15:27-41 Violating shabbat,
Joshua 2:8-14 Rachau + the spies
Zorach Num 16:1-14 Korach's revolt Num 16:23-35 Korach's demise 1st Samuel 12:1-5 Samuel pleads his innocence
Chukat Num 20:1-13 Miriam's death,
waters of Meribah
Num 21:4-25 The wanderings
of the Israelites
Judges 11:19-22 Israel prevails over Amorites
Balak Num 22:21-35 Balaam
and the donkey
Num 24:1-13 Balaam's 3rd Oracle
(Ma Tovu)
Micah 6:5-8 Remembering Balak + Balaam
Pinchas Num 25:10-26:4 Pinchas' reward Num 27:1-14 Zelophechad's
1st Kings 19:11-14 Elijah's vision
Mattot Num 31:1-12 The war against
Num 32:16-27 Settlement
of Transjordan
Jeremiah 2:1-3 Israel as bride (1st shabbat after 17 Tammuz)
Mas'ei Num 34:1-12 Boundaries
of promised land
Num 35:9-25 Cities of refuge, manslaughter Jeremiah 2:4-7 God rebukes Israel (2nd shabbat after 17 Tammuz)


Torah 1
Torah 2
Devarim Deut 1:22-36 Review of 12 spies Deut 1:34-45 Israel and Moses
Isaiah 1:10-17 God rejects sacrifices (3rd after 17 Tammuz)
Va'etchanan Deut 4:1-14 Review of the
Deut 6:4-15 Shema + veahavta Isaiah 40:1-5 comfort my people (1st after 9 of Av)
Ekev Deut 10:10-22 God's requirements Deut 11:13-25 Reward + punishment (2nd paragraph
Isaiah 51:1-3 God comforts Israel (2nd after 9 of Av)
Re'eh Deut 14:3-21 Kashrut laws Deut 15:1-15 Protecting the poor Isaiah 54:11-15 God protects Israel (3rd after 9 of Av)
Shoftim Deut 17:8-20 New Torah,
limits on kings
Deut 20:1-14 Laws of warfare Isaiah 52:1-6 Awaken oh Zion (4th after 9 of Av)
Ki Tetzei Deut 22:1-12 Domestic laws Deut 24:10-22 Ethical practices Isaiah 54:6-10 God forgives Israel (5th after 9 of Av)
Ki Tavo Deut 27:1-14 Mount Ebal
and Gerizim
Deut 28:1-14 Blessings of
the covenant
Isaiah 60:1-4 Rise and shine (6th after 9 of Av)
Vitzavim Deut 29:9-21 Covenant ceremony Deut 30:9-20 Torah within us Isaiah 62:1-5 God rejoices in Israel (7th after 9 of Av)
Vayeilech Deut 31:1-13 Moses' departure
and replacement
Deut 31:16-30 Moses' final
acts as leader
Isaiah 62:1-5 God rejoices in Israel (7th after 9 of Av)
Ha'azinu Deut 32:1-12 Moses' poem Deut 32:40-52 God's final instructions
to Moses
2nd Samuel 22:1-4 David's poem
Vezot HaBrachah Deut 33:4-17 Moses' farewell
Deut 34:1-12 The death of Moses    



Special Haftarot

Shabbat Shuvah Micah 7:18-20
Hosea 14:2-5
"Return to Israel"
Chol HaMoed Sukkot Ezekiel 38:18-22 Gog's destruction
1st Shabbat Channukah Zechariah 4:1-7 Vision of menorah, not by might
2nd Shabbat Channukah 1st Kings 7:40-47 King Solomon furnishes temple objects
Shabbat Sh'Kalim 2nd Kings 12:5-9 King Jehoash instructs priests to direct funds to the temple
Shabbat Zachor 1st Samuel 15:2-6 War with Amalek
Shabbat Parah Ezekiel 36:33-38 God will purify Israel
Shabbat HaChodesh Ezekiel 45:21-25 Passover sacrifice
Shabbat HaGadol Malachi 3:20-23 Rewarding the righteous
1st day Passover Joshua 5:9-12 Israelites after Passover sacrifice
2nd day Passover 2nd Kings 23:21-25 Josiah orders Passover sacrifice
Chol HaMoed Passover Ezekiel 37:1-6 The valley of bones
8th day Passover 2nd Samuel 22:1-6 Song of David

Main Sanctuary
Alternate Haftarot

Parsha Option 1 Option 2
Vayera Micah 6:1-8 Ezekiel 18:25-32
Tetzaveh Isaiah 61:1-7  
Metzora Psalm 103: 1-9  
Shelach Lecha Ezekiel 20:4-7  
Chukat Ezekiel 36:33-38  

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