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Introductory Hebrew Grammar with Rabbi Kushner

Tuesdays, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm   
June 23, July 7, July 21, August 4
Room 53, 5th Floor

Invigorate your study of Hebrew at a relaxed pace with a captivating master. Lawrence Kushner will lead four sessions of instruction, each spaced two weeks apart throughout the summer, providing an opportunity to absorb the language at a more languid summer's pace.

"This course changed the way I relate to torah....even the the most basic material opened a world of meaning hidden just beneath the surface of the letters."
- David Goldman, Executive Director, Congregation Emanu-El


In addition to being our resident scholar, Rabbi Kushner is also the author of The Book of Letters, in which he wrote about the Hebrew alphabet being more than just symbols. Perhaps getting a glimmer of how all twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet overflow with meanings and personalities of their own will invigorate both you and your study of Hebrew...




Kabbalah: A Love Story

Rabbi Kushner's first novel

Four years in the making! Soon to be a major motion picture! (Hey, it could happen.) After sixteen books of non-fiction, Rabbi Kushner's first novel, KABBALAH: A LOVE STORY is the fable of a rabbi who accidentally discovers a hidden, lost page to the Zohar (the master text of Kabbalah) and what that discovery does to his life and the life of a woman he doesn't (yet) know he loves who teaches astronomy at Columbia University. A short selection from the first chapter and endorsements are available here.



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