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A Mystical Torah: Readings from Classical Kabbalistic & Hasidic Sources on the Weekly Portion

With Rabbi Kushner
Saturdays, 9:15 – 10:15 am, Starting September 13 


The Jewish Publication Society has just released London Rabbi, Larry Tabak's anthology of kabbalistic and hasidic insights into the weekly parasha. These short texts, available in both Hebrew and English, are accompanied by notes and commentary.

Each Shabbat morning the class shall read some or all of the selections in the original and use them as lenses through which to refract the Torah and our own spiritual search.
No registration necessary.

Text: The Aura of Torah: A Kabbalistic-Hasidic Commentary to the Weekly Readings, Larry Tabick, Jewish Publication Society, 2014.

Kabbalah: Jewish Mystical Imagination 

With Rabbi Kushner
Thursdays, 7:00 - 8:30 pm
Oct. 23; Nov. 6, 20; Dec. 4, 18; Jan. 8, 22; Feb. 5, 19

What is Kabbalah? Is it relevant to my Judaism? Why is it dangerous? How is Jewish mysticism unique? Am I a Kabbalist? This class continues in March 2015 as a spring downtown series.


1. The Way into Jewish Mystical Tradition, Lawrence Kushner, Jewish Lights Publishing, 2001.

2. Kabbalah: A Very Short Introduction, Joseph Dan, Oxford University Press, 2006.

Emanu-El Member Cost: $18, Cost: $25




Buber on Hasidism on Being a Human Being

With Rabbi Kushner
Mondays, 4:30 – 5:45 pm
Oct 27; Nov 17; Dec 22; Jan 26; Feb 23; Mar 23; Apr 20; May 18

Explore and analyze readings from Buber’s classic, very short text on Hasidic teachings on menschlichkeit and living a spiritual existence. This may be the single most important book on Jewish spirituality ever published in English.

Emanu-El Member Cost: FREE, Cost: $20




Kabbalah: A Love Story

Rabbi Kushner's first novel

Four years in the making! Soon to be a major motion picture! (Hey, it could happen.) After sixteen books of non-fiction, Rabbi Kushner's first novel, KABBALAH: A LOVE STORY is the fable of a rabbi who accidentally discovers a hidden, lost page to the Zohar (the master text of Kabbalah) and what that discovery does to his life and the life of a woman he doesn't (yet) know he loves who teaches astronomy at Columbia University. A short selection from the first chapter and endorsements are available here.


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