In Memoriam


Zichronam Livracha - May Their Memories be for a Blessing

The greeting to mourners is as follows: HaMakom y'nakhem et-khem. May God comfort you and all those who mourn in Zion and Jerusalem.

This Week We Mourn The Following Losses, listed alphabetically


Sara Hasson

We offer condolences to her children, Vida and Victor Hasson.

Jenna Purl

We offer condolences to her sister, Elizabeth Purl and her nephew, Julian Purl.

Ruth Cooper Wollin

We offer condolences to son, Larry Wollin, her daughter-in-law Hillary Wollin and her grandchildren Charles and Heather Wollin.  


William Tiefenthal

We offer condolences to his daughter, Audrey Shapiro, son-in-law Andy Shapiro and granchildren Claudia and Randy Shapiro.


Harold Yanowitch

We offer condolences to his son Richard Yanowitch, his daughter-in-law Wendy Yanowitch and his grandchildren Ariella and Nathaniel Yanowitch.



This Month We Mourn The Following Losses, listed alphabetically 


Beverly Denebeim

We offer condolences to her daughters, Anne Kelny Denebeim and Amy Denebeim Dean, grandchildren, Daisy Dean, Nathaniel, Benjamin and Alexandra Farber, sons-in-law, George Calys and Christopher Dean, and her nephews, Bob Denebeim and Bill Denebeim.  


It is Jewish tradition to commemorate those who have passed through tzedakah and other deeds of kindness. To make a donation (known as tzedakah) in memory of someone who has recently passed please click here.

PLEASE NOTE if you have had a death in your family and would like to notifiy Congregation Emanu-El, please do not use this form. Instead, please contact Terry Kraus at (415) 750-7552 or




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