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What Emanu-El Means When Using the Term "Interfaith"

When Emanu-El says “interfaith” in the context of “interfaith couple” or “interfaith family” or “people in interfaith relationships,” we’re inclusive of both immediate and extended families – interfaith couples where one person is Jewish and one is not, couples that include converts to Judaism who still have non-Jewish relatives, people with one Jewish parent, parents of intermarried children, grandparents of children being raised by intermarried parents, etc. Interfaith families may include those who identify their family as Jewish, as more than one religion, or who are unsure of how they identify. Our goal is to meet these families where they are and facilitate deeper connection to Jewish life. In addition, we recommend as a valuable resource.

Interested in learning more about Judaism? Take a look at Introduction to Judaism.

Interfaith Shelter Dinners

Volunteer to cook during our winter Interfaith Shelter Dinners!
Each January Congregation Emanu-El joins in the mitzvah of feeding the hungry by providing volunteers to shop, cook and serve dinner to over 100 homeless men for eight consecutive nights. These clients are extremely grateful to receive home-cooked meals served by people who look them in the eye and let them know they care. Under the coordination of long-time congregant Shabana Siegel, every constituent group from the Congregation participates (over 150 volunteers last year)! 

Each Temple group brings a unique flavor to the evening and takes home unforgettable memories. Questions? Contact Shabana at: (415) 425-8869


Sunday 1/11: Men's Group; Lead Volunteer: John Rosenbaum
Monday 1/12: Congregant Night; Lead Volunteer: Shabana and Chuck Seigel
Tuesday 1/13: Emanu-El Board & Staff; Lead Volunteer: Lani Zinn
Wednesday 1/14: Women's Group; Lead Volunteers: Diane Winer and Susan Cole
Wednesday 1/21: Tribe/Preschool; Lead Volunteers: Mike Edelstein and Ben Portnoy
Thursday 1/22: Adolescent Education; Lead Volunteer: Ariana Estoque
Friday 1/23: Interfaith; Lead Volunteers: Toni Barba-Salan
Saturday 1/24: Young Adult Community; Lead Volunteer: Monica Pevzner

Dinner for the Homeless at Interfaith Shelter Night with Rabbi Beth Singer

Wednesday, January 14, 5:00-8:00 pm, St. Mark's Lutheran Church, 111 O'Farrell St., San Francisco
Join in the mitzvah of feeding the hungry by volunteering to shop, cook and/or serve dinner to over 100 homeless men. This year the Women of Emanu-El will have several opportunities to participate in this mitzvah. Please note that all of the options below will be led by congregants Diane Winer and Susan Cole:

• Shop for food – limit 2 volunteers, date and time TBD (either Sunday, January 11 or Monday, January 12)

• Baking cookie or bar desserts – limit 6 volunteers, each able to cook 80-100 pieces of dessert on their own and arrange drop off in advance of the dinner on Wednesday, January 14

• Pre-event prep – limit 3 volunteers, preparing main course and putting together “gift” kits to hand out to the men, 1:00-4:00 pm on Wednesday, January 14 at Congregation Emanu-El

• Cooking and serving food at Interfaith Shelter Night – limit 12 volunteers, 5:00-8:00 pm on Wednesday, January 14

To volunteer, please email Diane at and include in the email which of the above volunteer opportunities you would like do.


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