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"Hillel said: 'Separate not thyself from the community'..." Pirke Avot, 4:7


Welcome to Congregation Emanu-El. We are proud to have been a part of the San Francisco community since 1850. While our history provides us with a rich heritage, embracing new congregants ensures that we will be here to serve generations to come. You are the future of Congregation Emanu-El.

Why should I join?

We are a synagogue whose members build community by being in relationship with one another. We believe in the teachings and values of Judaism and are committed to transmitting this knowledge to all generations. We can accomplish together what we cannot do alone – bring about tikkun olam, the healing of a broken world. We can heal ourselves in times of sorrow with the comfort of our clergy and our fellow congregants. We celebrate in community, knowing that sharing one another’s joy makes life’s special moments even sweeter.

Who will feel comfortable at Congregation Emanu-El?

Our members reflect the diversity of the Bay Area, coming from all walks of life and many different religious backgrounds and ethnicities. We welcome Jewish singles and single parents, interfaith families, Jews of color, and Jewish families in all their diversity, including LGBTQ couples with or without children. Our programs are designed to meet the diverse spiritual, religious, educational, and social needs of our members.  We want to celebrate the happy times with you and support you and your loved ones during the tough times, as well.

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How can I get involved?

There are many ways to become involved with our Congregation Emanu-El community and to become acquainted with other congregants. During your first months, we hope to get to know you so that we can connect you with programs, groups, and classes that complement your interests. We offer a warm and inviting atmosphere in which you can expand and explore your Jewish life.  As you engage actively with your fellow congregants, you will not only grow your Jewish experience, but you will also strengthen the synagogue community to the benefit of all.

How do I meet the professionals who serve Congregation Emanu-El?

We encourage you to get to know our rabbis, cantor, educators, executive director, membership director, and other staff by attending Shabbat services and by your active involvement in our programs and activities. You may also request a private meeting with any of our staff.

What about membership dues?

At Congregation Emanu-El we ask you to "choose your dues" for your first fiscal year of membership, under our voluntary system. Here is our suggested dues schedule. Our fiscal year is July 1 – June 30.

After the first year of membership, we will help all who are interested to continue as members of the congregation. All Jews, or those with Jewish partners, are welcome to become members. To learn more about membership, contact Director of Membership Services, Terry Kraus.

Join Us!

We hope you will choose to become part of the present and future of our congregation, and invite you to apply for membership online. Have questions or concerns?  Please contact Terry Kraus or by phone, (415) 750-7552. 

Current Congregation Emanu-El Members

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