Gift Planning and the Emanu-El Legacy Circle

Including Congregation Emanu-El in your estate planning promises your children and future generations a place of worship, study and community.  Your legacy gift automatically makes you a member of the Emanu-El Legacy Circle.  With your permission, your commitment to the congregation will be honored by a permanent place of recognition at the synagogue as a tribute to your values and generosity, you will be acknowledged in our donor reports, and invited to special events during the year.

Planned Giving Committee Testimonials

There are several ways to leave a legacy to Congregation Emanu-El:

  • Name the synagogue in your will or estate plan as a recipient of a set percentage or dollar amount of your estate
  • Designate Emanu-El as a beneficiary to a life insurance policy, retirement fund, or IRA
  • Make a bequest of real estate, a valuable work of art or other personal property

Unrestricted gifts provide Emanu-El with the maximum flexibility to allocate funds where the need is greatest.  If you wish to designate a more specific purpose to your gift, please consider one of the broad areas that serve our congregation’s core mission - worship and spirituality, Jewish education, or community and social justice – and let us know, so we can ensure that we will be able to honor your wishes.

The following sample provision may be helpful to you and your attorney.

“I bequeath to Congregation Emanu-El, Two Lake Street, San Francisco, California 94118, the sum of $ _________ * [or ________percent of my estate] for its general charitable, religious and educational purposes.”

If you have made a provision in your will, or would like more information on the Emanu-El Legacy Circle, please contact Lani Zinn in the Development Office by phone: (415)750-7557.


The Emanu-El Legacy Circle:


Anonymous (15)
Lowell Adelson
Eugenie Alanson
Herbert Alter
Ludwig and Emmy Altman

Cantor Roslyn Jhunever Barak
Rabbi Ryan Bauer and Alisa Arquilevich Bauer
Mrs. Centa Baum
Ernest A. and Fritzi L. Benesch
David and Riva Berelson
llya Berman and Larisa Lisista
Louis and Lenore Blumenthal
Sue Bransten
Mrs. Iris Bulasky and Mr. Louis Bulasky

Caro-Serensky Families
Arthur and Shirley Cerf
Alvin and Helene Cohen
Charles and Margaret Charnas
Alvin and Hélène Cohen
Steven J. Cohen
Bernice Cohn

Gary S. Cohn
Mrs. Edith S. Coliver
Andrew and Suzanne Colvin
Herbert R. Cook Fund
Adele Corvin
Dana Corvin
Dana Corvin and Harris Weinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Dinkelspiel
The Harold and Annette Dobbs Family
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ehrman III
Philip M. Eisenberg
Stuart and Deborah Eisendrath
Mrs. Helene Ettelson and Mr. George Ettelson
Ted Euphrat
BJ Feigenbaum
Dorothy B. Feigenbaum
Egon Fireside
Margarete Fischer
Alfred P. Fisher
and Susan Euphrat
Dorothy B. Feigenbaum
Joseph and Cheryl Feigenbaum
Egon Fireside
Margarete Fischer
Alfred P. Fisher
Mortimer Fleishacker III

Frederick Fox and Cathy Brooks Fox
Albert and Eleanor Fraenkel
Fannnie H. Freudenthal and Walter J. Freudenthal
Joseph and Mollie Friedman Family

Donny and Janie Friend
Dora Fritschi
Lucille B. Gabriele
Elena F. Gary
Oscar Geballe
Dan and Mona Geller
Dorothy Tonn Gold and Benjamin P. Gold
Mr. David N. Goldman and Ms. Angela Lin
Francis S. Goldsmith
Pauline S. Goldsmith
Edgar and Regina Goldstine
Mrs. Doris Livingston Grasshoff
Donald and Joan Green
Rosalind Greenfield
Hans and Elizabeth (Libby) Gronowski

Ralph and Marsha Guggenheim
Alfred and Martha Gutman
Katherine S. Hack

Isser Harel
Louis H. Heilbron
Alfred and Ruth Heller
Richard H. Heller
Isaias Wolf Hellman III
John F. Hogan, Jr.
Florence and Stanley Holcenberg
Margo Horn
Harry Jacobs
Rita E. Jacobs
Scott and Vicki Kahn
Barbara and Ron Kaufman
Golda Kaufman
James G. and Bertha P. Kaufman
Leon Kaufman
Mrs. Margaret Kaufman
Madeleine Kaufmann
Michael and Martina Knee
Terry Kraus
Dr. Sidney Konigsberg and Vivian Konigsberg
John and Hedda Kornfeld
Terri L. Kwiatek
Thea Werth Lambertsen
Dr. Richard and Sharonjean Leeds
Kerri and Mark Lehmann

Mr. Max S. Levi and Mrs. Eva I. Levi
Bette Goldburg Levy and Richard N. Levy
Donald E. Levy

and Yvonne Levy
Phyllis Levy Trust
and Jesse M. Levy
Mrs. June Levy
Roger M. Low
Fern and William Lowenberg
Dorothy C. Lurie
Patricia Lurie and Albert Guibara
Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann
Melanie and Peter Maier
Mrs. Sophie Manasse
Mrs. Mae Mandl
Victor L. Marcus

Ms. M. Dulcenea Martinez
Kathleen Maynard
Marilyn Mercur
Jane L. Mierson
Rabbi Sydney Mintz
Elizabeth Meterparel
Jane L. Mierson
Rabbi Sydney Mintz
Pamela Mittel
Hanna W. Morrison and Frederick L. Morrison
Greta Newman

Dr. Raquel H. Newman
Walter and Ellen Newman
Rabbi Stephen S. and Laurie E. Pearce
Jefferson E. Peyser
Pollard Family Trust

Steven and Kirsten Polsky
Abigail and Jason Porth
Estate of Jacqueline Reed  
Helen Regensburger
Helen Rice
Robin Reitzes
Rose P. Rinder
Ella Rinkel
Barbara Rogers
Barbara J. Rolph
Theodore T. Rosenberg
Mr. Morton A. Rosenblum
and Mrs. Barbara Rosenblum
Ruth Friedman Rowell and Alfred Rowell
Ilya and Mayya Rudyak
Robert Sachs
Barbara Rose Sagarin
Elyse A. Salven-Blatt
John Henry Samter

John Upton and Janet Sassoon-Upton
Rita R. Semel
Theodore R. Seton
Ruth Sevier
Gary and Dana Shapiro
Mary Shapiro
Clara (Kay) Shiman
Paul J. and Sheri Dana Siegel
Jonathan and Beth Singer
Edward Slade
Jonathan Sorgen
Nathan Spivock
Steven K. Steinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Stern
Ronna Stone and Tim Smith
Irving Sugarman
Roselyne Chroman Swig
Charles J. Tanenbaum
Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation
Tonkin Family Fund
Rabbi Leo Trepp and Gunda Trepp
John Upton and Janet Sassoon-Upton
Shirley and Herman Victor
Lottie Viyolini
Alan Warshaw
Yvette Watenberg
Sylvia and Julian Weidler
Arthur and Hilda Weil
William and Roschelle Weiman
Marilyn and Raymond Weisberg
Sam Welling
Dr. Lawrence H. Werboff and Caroline Kahn Werboff
Louis M. Werth
Henry and Erna Wertheim
Irene E. White

Robert Louis Wiel
Paul Zarefsky
Frederick and Juanita Zelinsky
Harold and Doris Zellerbach
Al Zemsky
Polina and Lew Zikman
Helene (Lani) Zinn
Andrew Zittell and Mia Mitchell
Naftali and Schirley Zisman
Andrew Zittell and Mia Mitchell

* may their memory be a blessing



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