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Rabbi Jonathan (Yoni) Jaffe - email
Rabbi Carla Fenves - email
Heather Erez, Director of Youth and Family Education: (415) 751-2541 x125, email
Ariana Estoque, Director of Adolescent Education: (415) 751-2541 x307, email
Flora Kupferman, Assistant Director, Youth and Family Education: (415) 751-2541 x304, email
Sandy Cohen-Wynn, Art Education Coordinator: email
Natalya Gomes, Administrative Assistant: (415) 751-2541 x157, email
Brittany Youngman, B'nei Mitzvah Coordinator: (415) 751-2541 x316, email


Preschool - email
Shanah Kushner*
Aria Hanna

Kindergarten Sunday - email
Wendy Brown*
Hanna Wolff

1st Grade – Havurah Issachar  - email
Aleph Class - Susan Aronow*
Dalya Azulai 

Bet Class - Jenny Cohen and Rika Tochterman* (Sundays only)
Fiorella Wolk

2nd Grade – Havurah Naphtali  - email
Marilyn Hoffman*
Danielle Bohnik

3rd Grade – Havurah Zebulon  - email
Roni Silverberg*
Sima Cohen

4th Grade – Havurah Gad  - email
Ziva Trau*
Gina Tordjeman

5th Grade – Havurah Benjamin  - email
Seth Feldman* (Sundays)
Asher Litschwartz* (Wednesdays)

6th Grade – Havurah Reuben  - email
Rabbi Jonathan Jaffe
Rabbi Carla Fenves
Heather Erez

Beyachad Lead Teachers - First Semester
Rabbi Carla Fenves
Esther Fishman
Rachel Nilson
Jonathan Bayer
Rabbi Jonathan Jaffe

Hebrew Teachers
Sima Cohen
Ariana Estoque
Marilyn Hoffman
Flora Kupferman
Chelsea Mandell
Rika Tochterman
Gina Tordjeman
Eliana Kissner
Roni Siverberg
Danielle Bohnik

*Lead Teacher

Our teaching teams are diverse in their backgrounds, experiences, and approaches. Many of them are members of the congregation and have children in the school. Some have completed Halutzim, our congregant teacher-training program or have graduated from Madrichim, our teen teacher-training program. Others have come to us through the Jewish camp experience or are pursuing higher education degrees in Jewish studies.  Our teachers include Americans, Israelis, and recent immigrants to the United States.


Jonathan Bayer, Music Specialist
Eric Schoen, Music Specialist
Susan Snyder, Judiac Art Teacher

Our Assistant Director provides special assistance to students with different learning styles and provides teachers with support and planning to overcome obstacles.  We work closely with families to ensure that all of our students receive accommodations and adjustments to enable them to be part of the community.

The Assitant Director also visits each Havurah on a regular basis and all of our Weekday Hebrew classes, working with students individually or in small groups, assisting teachers with classroom management strategies, and offering tips on matching teaching techniques with learning styles.

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