Summer Program

You must be enrolled in the fall preschool program in order to attend during the summer. The TEEP summer program curriculum emphasizes an interactive process where children learn through a concrete, play-oriented approach. We use a variety of philosophical approaches to create fun, rich and valuable experiences from which the children learn and grow. We are fortunate to have a school that is in walking distance from many parks and hiking areas. Our age-based classroom curriculum runs the gamut from basic introduction to preschool for our new two-year-olds to offsite park visits and hikes for our older children. Woven into the children’s daily experiences are exercise in our gross-motor room (Guild Hall II), time in the art studio, and experiences with specialists. On Fridays we celebrate Shabbat.

Preschool and Pre-K programs begin at 9:00am and end at 1:30pm. Morning Care is offered daily from 8:00 to 9:00. Extended Day Care (EDC) is offered daily beginning at 1:30 for all the children. All children should bring a boxed/bag lunch daily.  EDC pick-up times are 3:30 and 5:50 (5:30 on Fridays).

Each day children spend time with specialists related to the focus area for the session, and with outside specialists at least once a session who works with the groups in their area of expertise. Among them are art, music, science, and sports specialists.

Morning care is available on a 5-day basis. This is a mixed-age program that includes lunchtime, bathroom breaks, an optional naptime, daily enrichment activities, snack time and flexibility to explore various child-directed interests.


Download your 2015 TEEP summer program info and registration here.


Children who are attending preschool for the very first time must submit the licensing forms, included in the summer registration, for enrollment to be complete.


Heather Posner

Early Childhood Education Director

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Melissa Pecoy-Jungjareon
Preschool Operations Director
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Emma Kelly
Assistant Preschool Director
415.751.2541 x260

Our mission is to inspire curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, to promote social and emotional development, and to instill Jewish values and traditions within a nurturing and inclusive community.


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