Temple Emanu-El Preschool represents a partnership among faculty, staff and parents. We are a collaborative community that shares a deep commitment to the development and enrichment of our children. Parents are frequently asked to join the classroom by volunteering to read a story, lead a lesson, share a recent cultural experience or help with a cooking project. The teachers are open to ideas and happy to offer parents a role in the morning’s activity.


Our families reflect the diversity of San Francisco and we are sensitive to individual family needs.

Working Parents - Over half our families have two parents working full-time outside the home
Family Structures - Married, Divorced, Single Parents, LGBT, Extended Families
Financial - Broad range of socio-economic levels
Jewish Observance & Spirituality - Vary widely from non-Jewish to the Rabbi's children.


All parents are members of our Parent Association and encouraged to contribute to their child’s preschool experience by supporting the faculty and participating in community events and programming. Parent Association activities are scheduled at various times to accommodate different family schedules. There are countless ways to get involved and to become connected to this warm and vibrant community - helping out before, during or after an event, being a room parent, co-chairing a committee.

Annual Parent Association Activities:

  • Sunday morning park playdates
  • Parent Education events – Weekday mornings and evenings with childcare. Recent events have included Sibling Rivalry, Cooking for your Family, Story Telling and Positive Discipline.
  • Family Shabbat Dinner
  • Staff Appreciation Events
  • Family Fun Day (school carnival)
  • Purim Bake Sale
  • Homeless Shelter Dinner
  • Classroom-specific events – Mom’s dinner, Park Playdates, Parent’s Night Out
  • Children’s Art Show (Semi-Annual)
  • "Chesed" Community Support – Coordinated "Helping Hands" support to families within the preschool in times of need (meals, playdates, providing transportation)

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