Baby Naming and Brit Milah

Our rabbis and cantor are available to officiate with a mohel/mohelet in the Brit Milah ceremony.

Naming and blessing a Jewish baby or child is his or her first welcome into Jewish life. The naming takes place within the congregation community at Shabbat services. For Temple members, arrangements can also be made for the ceremony to be performed at the family's home. For more information, please contact us: 415-751-2535.

 Please fill out our Baby Naming and Brit Milah form here. This form can also be used to notify us that your baby has been born.

Mohelim we recommend include the following:

1. Dr. Eric Tabas
Ste 939, 490 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94102-1414
(415) 397-2331

    2.  Rabbi Moshe Trager

3.  Debra Weiss-Ishai, MD, FAAP
(510) 589-8556


Brit milah

(also known as a bris) is the ceremony that welcomes a baby boy into the Jewish community through the ritual of circumcision.  In this ritual, the parents confirm their family’s participation in the eternal commitment between God and the Jewish people and their affirmation of Jewish life for another generation. The ceremony can be held in the home or at the synagogue.  A contribution to the Congregation’s Lifecycle Fund in honor of the baby is welcomed.

Brit Bat

is the ceremony that welcomes a baby girl into the covenant between the Jewish people and God.  There is no set liturgy and unlike the brit milah for a boy, there are no rules about when or where.  A brit bat on Shabbat can take place during worship services either on Friday night or Saturday morning.  The baby is brought up to the bima where the rabbi blesses the baby and the parents speak about her namesake(s).  It is customary to contribute toward the Oneg Shabbat or to make a contribution to the synagogue in the baby’s honor, such as to the Congregation’s Life Cycle Fund.

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