The people beneath our dome are as diverse as San Francisco—from all walks of life, and all socioeconomic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. Multi-generational households, interfaith and alternative families, newly converted members, enthusiastic youth, and active elders all find a home here.





Emanu-El in the Neighborhood

Im lo lishma, ba lishma - Even if it didn't start for a holy purpose, holiness enters. EMANU-EL IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD is one way to help create the connectedness that we are all seeking. To be Jewish is to be in community.  Whether your community is a minyan, a study group, the Friday night service regulars, or those with whom you do mitzvot, we are brought into relationships with other people.

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Congregant Gatherings


Share the bond of Jewish culture, identity, and expression with our community. Congregation Emanu-El’s plentiful opportunities for connection are designed to fulfill the wide array of spiritual, educational, personal, and social needs of our congregants.

As we worship and learn together, it is equally important to act and work together in service to others. Progressive programs in outreach, social justice, advocacy, and community organizing engage us in the performance of compassionate deeds.


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