YFE 7th Grade

The 7th Grade program focuses on Mitzvah Consciousness.
There are 4 components to the 7th Grade year:

The year consists of Mitzvah Major (City Hope) and five (5) Mitzvah Minors (one-shot mitzvah projects), as well Sunday morning learning sessions, weekday Hebrew, two weekday evening Family Education programs, as well as the B. Mitzvah preparations, as needed. 

1) Mitzvah Corps – a decades-long YFE program highlight wherein seventh-grade students enact the mitzvot they learn about in their classroom. Whether feeding the hungry (me’achil re’evim), caring for the elderly (kibud av v’em), welcoming the stranger (hachnasat orchim), or cleaning our local beaches/parks (shomrei adamah), our students learn what it means to take on the responsibility of the commandments, working as partners with God on improving our world.

Each student participates in a Mitzvah Major and Five (5) Mitzvah Minors: The Mitzvah Major is at City Hope, feeding the hungry/unhoused in the Tenderloin with radical hospitality and welcoming at their Mitzvah Corps Deli. The students create relationships and see people beyond the exterior. They volunteer twice a month at City Hope; Sunday mornings from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm, dates are predetermined. Mitzvah Minors occur all over the city at various community partner organizations on Sunday afternoons – San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living; Home of Peace Cemetery, Parks Conservancy, SF-Marin Food Bank. These dates will be predetermined, but families pick the dates/times that work best for their calendars. Parents and guardians are welcome to join in for these activities, but they are required to drive their child to each location. 

2) Mitzvah Consciousness Curriculum – They will debate, wrestle and engage with our foundational texts and rabbinic teachings related to the various mitzvot they are participating in via Mitzvah Corps. Where do these commandments originate from? How do they apply to our modern lives? These learning sessions (and tefillah) take place at City Hope from 9:30 – 11:00 am prior to the cooking/serving portion of the day. 

3) Two Family Education Programs – Our program is focused on family education; this is not a single-person sport. The families will come for two Wednesday evenings, to learn with a member of the clergy, explore Mitzvah Consciousness in contemporary times with “dinner and movie.” 

4) B. Mitzvah Preparation – This includes one day a week of Hebrew instruction, as well as the other pieces leading up to their B. Mitzvah – Blessings class, Hebrew Reading Coach, Torah Chanting Coach, Guide Rabbi lessons and Cantor lessons. 

Questions about 7th grade? Contact Tori Starks, Family & Adolescent Engagement Manager, at 415-751-2541 x307 or at [email protected].

Questions about Hebrew? Contact Ariana Estoque, Director of Youth and Family Education, at 415-750-7552 or at [email protected].