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MyEmanu-El Portal FAQ

I'm having trouble with Captcha when I attempt to register. What should I do?

1.Clear your cache and cookies.

2.Use different browsers.

3.Make sure your browser is up to date to the latest version.

4.Disable Ad Blockers.

5.Enable JavaScript.

My child is invited to a Bar/Bat/Bnei Mitzvah. What is the appropriate gift, and what does my child wear?

The gift is a personal choice. Gift certificates are always popular. In Judaism it is good luck to give monetary gifts in denominations of $18. The child should wear clothes that are appropriate for a religious service.

I am attending a funeral at your Temple. Is it appropriate to bring flowers?

Flowers are not customary in Jewish tradition. We suggest making a gift to charity in memory of the deceased. Families often name either a Temple fund or another organization as preferred recipients.

Where are the kosher restaurants and kosher butchers in San Francisco?

The only kosher restaurant in San Francisco is Sabra Grill Restaurant, 419 Grant Ave. ( at Bush Street) (415) 982-3656. There are no kosher butchers in San Francisco.

A wide selection of kosher foods, including meat, can be found at Trader Joe’s or Mollie Stone’s Markets. The location closest to Temple Emanu-El is: Mollie Stone’s Grand Central Market, 2435 California St. San Francisco, CA 94115 (415) 567-4902.

Kosher foods can also be found at Trader Joe’s.  The location closest to Temple Emanu-El is: Trader Joe’s, 3 Masonic Avenue San Francisco, CA  94118 (415) 346-9964