B. Mitzvah Honors Sheet

Congregation Emanu-El B. Mitzvah Honors

Please print the below form and give it to your Guide Rabbi before the B. Mitzvah


  • Before Services – Private Tallit Blessing


  • Alliyot* – Give English names, Hebrew names and relationships. Example: Yosef ben (son of) Yitzchak [father’s Hebrew name] ve (&) [mother’s Hebrew name]






c._______________________ (most often assigned to BM parents and older siblings)


d._______________________ (most often assigned to BM student)


  • Hagbah – Lifting the Torah*



  • Glilah – Wrapping the Torah (up to 2 people)



  • Open the Ark (optional, up to 2 people)


*Honor reserved specifically for individuals of Jewish faith