YFE Preschool-5th Grade Curriculum

Youth and Family Education Overview

Educating our children so that they grow to be literate and confident Jewish adults who find meaning in their identity and their tradition.  


Judaics – Understanding various points in the history of the Jewish people that can provide meaning and relevancy to my life today.  

Holidays/Rituals – Knowledge about Jewish holidays enables me to connect to my Jewish ancestors through culture, community, traditions, and spirituality.  

Hebrew (thru Movement) – Familiarity with Modern Hebrew connects me to the greater Jewish people as well as traditions in Judaism.  

Community – Building relationships in the Jewish community makes me feel connected and part of a people.  

Prayer – Prayer is the mode and language that can help me deepen my relationship with God and my spiritual self.  

Tikkun Olam – Helping to repair the world and bring justice to it is our Jewish responsibility.  

Israel – Israel is the Jewish homeland and is a part of our history, present, and future.  

Preschool – Me and My Jewish Family 

Major Themes: 

  • The Torah and Torah Stories 
  • Tzedakah  
  • Holidays and Rituals – Shabbat/Havdalah, Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur, Chanukah, Passover and many more 
  • Community, Family and Me (applying my Jewishness to my life)  

Kindergarten – The Jewish Calendar 

Major Themes:  

  • The Jewish Calendar 
  • Torah Stories  
  • Holiday and Rituals – Shabbat/Havdalah, Sukkot, Tu B’Shvat, Purim and many more 
  • Tikkun Olam 

Grade 1 – My Jewish Community 

Major Themes: 

  • Bereshit (Genesis)Torah Stories – Adam and Eve, Tower of Babel, Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and more 
  • Holiday exploration 
  • Community – identifying communities and what stands out in the Jewish ones, visiting clergy, exploring the temple, connection to the larger Jewish community

Grade 2 – Jewish Values – Middot  

Major Themes: 

  • Torah Stories – Mitzvot are in the Torah: hospitality (Sarah), kindness (Rebecca), Shalom Bayit, and forgiveness (Jacob, Esau and Joseph)  
  • Holiday exploration  
  • Tikkun Olam – Mitzvot from the Torah can be shown through action.  
  • Community – Derech Eretz, Hachnasat Orchim, honoring parents/grandparents/adults in your life  
  • Israel – Symbols of Israel (Magen David, lion, and flag), geography (where is Israel located), and who lives in Israel. 

Grade 3 – God: Where can holiness be found? 

Major Themes: 

  • Torah – sacredness in Time, Space, Deeds and Faith, lashon ha’rah, korbanot – offerings, where is God found in the Torah and kashrut 
  • God – Working as partners with God to make the world a holy place. 
  • Holidays and Rituals – Shalosh Regalim – major festivals – Sukkot, Passover, and Shavuout  

Grade 4  Ancient Jewish History/ World Jewry

  •  Kings Saul, David, and Solomon. What does it mean to be a leader?
  • Destruction of the Temple, 586 BCE, 70 CE – New definition of Jewish practice and ritual.
  • Jewish Diaspora – Today, Jews come from all over the world (Ashkenazi, Mizrachi, Sephardi). What unites us? What makes us different? How do we honor it all?

Grade 5 – Israel – People, Place, Ideal

Major Themes: 

  • Am Israel – Peoplehood: what does it mean to be part of the nation of Israel? Biblical foundations.
  • Eretz Israel – How do we connect to the land of Israel, both physically and conceptually? Ancient History, pre-1948. 
  • Modern State – How do we connect to Israel today? What is the current political situation post 1948? What is happening in Israel for all peoples today? How do I find my place?