YFE Registration

2024-2025 Registration to open in June

YFE Questions? We highly recommend visiting our Q & A page

 Grade Level: SUN Kesher 9–11:45 am / SUN Kadimah 9–noon
                           WED Kesher 4–6:30 pm


 Preschool-3rd grade: Sunday Kadimah (outdoor)
(child must be 4 years old by Sept 30th) 
 Preschool & Kindergarten: Sunday Kesher (indoor)  $1,240 
 1st-3rd: Sunday or Wednesday Kesher (indoor)  $1,240 
 4th & 5th: Sunday or Wednesday Kesher (indoor)  $1,710 
 6th & 7th  $1,855 
 8th – 11th  $850
 12th  $650
  •  Additional fees:
     4-7th Hebrew Marin site fee: $310 (per family)
     8th grade MiT: $272 (must be enrolled in 8th grade)


*You’ll note different fees for the outdoor program.  The outdoor pathway costs more to run, so we are asking for a higher fee.  If this fee presents a hardship, please speak to us about financial assistance.  We do not want anyone to be turned away from the pathway best suited to them because of cost. 

*Congregation Emanu-El does not charge a B.Mitzvah fee, as the costs are rolled into 4-7th grade tuition. Class tuition above includes all teachers, books, materials, snacks, and Hebrew classes. Tuition also covers B. Mitzvah preparation meetings with Hebrew Reading Coach, Chanting Coach, Clergy, and family support throughout the process. 

*Families who do not take advantage of our Hebrew classes or any other part of our program do not get discounts.


  • A full refund of student tuition already paid will be given to any family that withdraws from the YFE Kesher program or 6th -12th Grade prior to October 31.  We must receive written notice/email of the withdrawal. (The outdoor Kadimah program tuition is higher due to additional staff, resources and Park and Rec reservations. We plan according to registration numbers, therefore these fees cannot be discounted or refunded).
  • Any family that withdraws after October 31 will receive a pro-rated refund of student fees already paid.  The refund will be calculated as a percentage of the number of remaining sessions versus the total number of sessions.  (Example: There are 26 Sunday morning sessions. If a family with a child in the 4th grade withdraws after 12 sessions, the refund would be for 14 sessions).  We must receive written documentation of the withdrawal. Please note that because the programs in the outdoor pathway cost more to run, refunds (pro-rated and otherwise) will not be given.
  • Any family that withdraws after January 31 will not receive a refund. 
  • There is an additional fee for families registering for Tuesday Hebrew classes in Marin. Because classrooms will be rented based on registration numbers, and rentals are paid in advance for the year, these fees cannot be discounted or refunded. 
  • There is an additional fee for families registering for the outdoor pathway (Kadimah). Because the cost of these programs is higher, these fees cannot be discounted or refunded. 

LATE ENROLLMENT POLICY (YFE registration closes first week of February)

  • There is no discount for enrolling after the beginning of the school year and through December.  Full fees are due. 
  • Any family that chooses to enroll their child after December 20th will receive a 50% discount on fees. The tuition will be adjusted once your registration is processed. 
  • Families interested in enrolling their children after January will be handled on a case-by-case basis. In general, these families are encouraged to wait until the following school year unless the student has already been enrolled in a Jewish educational program at another synagogue that year.

Questions? Please contact: 

Natalya Gomes: [email protected] (Registration, login issues, tuition, financial assistance, general information, campership, class changes, rosters -send mid-October)

Ariana Estoque: [email protected] (New family general information/schedule, logistics, Kadimah/Kesher programs, Hebrew program and special needs)

Tori Starks: [email protected] (TEF 6-12th grade, MiT program, College Connections)