2022-2023 YFE 6th Grade

6th Grade

The 6th Grade program focuses on three topic areas and integrates with students’ preparation to become B’nei Mitzvah:

1) Sacred Jewish Texts, including the three sections of the Hebrew Bible (Torah, Prophets, and Writings), and major works of Oral Torah – Talmud and Midrash (seven Sundays taught by instructor)

2) B’nei Mitzvah Prep: B’nei Mitzvah specific whole family instruction about, for example, the meaning of becoming B’nei Mitzvah and reading a Torah portion for meaning (seven Sundays taught by clergy).

3) Learner’s Shabbat: learning about different aspects of the Shabbat service in depth with clergy.

For the fall and spring trimesters, 6th-grade B’nei Mitzvah prep will be on Sundays starting at 9:30 am.  6th graders are invited to join T’fillah with the rest of YFE at 9:00 am. Their classes will be from 9:30 am to 10:45 am. During the winter trimester, classes will be on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 10:00 am.  These classes will take the form of a Shabbat service with instruction embedded about a different section of the service each week.

The following prayers are taught in 6th grade Hebrew: Friday Kiddush, V’Ahavtah, Avot V’Imahot, Gevurot, Blessings Before and After Haftarah, and V’Shamru.

Questions about 6th grade? Contact Tori Starks, Teen Programs Manager, at 415-751-2541 x307 or at [email protected].
Questions about Hebrew? Contact Rabbi Educator, Leo Fuchs, at [email protected] 

For information about our B’nei Mitzvah program, please click HERE.