From Fauda to Shtisel: The Holy Land Goes to Hollywood

October 30, 2022 @ 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
Congregation Emanu-El
2 Lake Street, San Francisco

From Fauda to Shtisel – The Holy Land Goes to Hollywood 

The Global Appeal of Israeli Cinema

Sunday, October 30

3:30-5:00 pm

Congregation Emanu-El

Martin Meyer Sanctuary

Why have Israeli shows like “Fauda” and “Shtitsel” captivated audiences around the world? And, how does the depiction and treatment of marginalized individuals and communities affect Israeli society?


Join us for a provocative and timely discussion with Yochai Maital, co-founder of leading Jewish podcast “Israel Story,” Ala Dakka, a Muslim Arab actor and featured actor in Season 3 of “Fauda,” and, live via Zoom, Director of TV and Film at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, Daniel Susz.


“Israel Story,” one of the first podcasts in Israel, set out to tell the story of Israel one tale at a time. It endeavors to break free of “startup-nation “  or BDS stereotypes and complicate the narrative around Israel. 


Born to a Muslim Arab family in Beersheba but raised primarily in the Jewish educational system, Ala also complicates the narrative of what it means to be Israeli. Growing up, he always felt like a bit of an impersonator wherever he went. Maybe that’s why acting came so naturally to him. 


Daniel, as part of the Israel Office of Cultural Affairs, strives to promote Israeli content and creators in the American TV & film market.


Together, all three of our guests will discuss why Israeli television and cinema are so appealing to international audiences and how the stories of real people, Arab and Jews, ultra orthodox and secular Jews can teach us about relationships and society in Israel. 


In short: does coexistence even exist in Israel and how can ties between communities be strengthened?


This unique, interactive, format of live conversation, including stories, and short film segments will offer you ample opportunities to ask Yochai, Ala, and Daniel questions about Israeli society. 


Presented by the Israel Action Committee. 

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