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What Emanu-El Means When Using the Term "Interfaith"

When Emanu-El says “interfaith” in the context of “interfaith couple” or “interfaith family” or “people in interfaith relationships,” we’re inclusive of both immediate and extended families – interfaith couples where one person is Jewish and one is not, couples that include converts to Judaism who still have non-Jewish relatives, people with one Jewish parent, parents of intermarried children, grandparents of children being raised by intermarried parents, etc.Interfaith families may include those who identify their family as Jewish, as more than one religion, as a “faithist” couple - one that tries to connect two partners’ point’s of view, one Jewish with a belief in a higher power and the other, an atheist looking at different interpretations and connections to Jewish traditions and custom, or who are unsure of how they identify. Our goal is to meet these families where they are and facilitate deeper connection to Jewish life. In addition, we recommend as a valuable resource.

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The Chuppah and Beyond and InterfaithFamily

March 31, 7:00 pm, Chapel

Are you part of an interfaith or intercultural couple? Join us to explore how religion, spirituality, and heritage fits within your relationship. This session offers a safe environment to discuss options for weddings, raising kids, managing relationships with in-laws, and living in harmony with multiple identities in your home. 

This session is open to all engaged, newly married or committed couples who identify as interfaith. Led by Rabbi Mychal Copeland, Director of InterfaithFamily/Bay Area. 

  Please register. 


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