The Israel Action Committee fulfills one of Congregation Emanu-El’s Core Missions of strengthening the connection of our members to the State of Israel and worldwide Jewry.

Israel Action Committee (IAC) Mission Statement

We are a committee of Temple Emanu-El formed to increase the engagement of our congregation and the wider community with the State of Israel, through education, celebration and involvement. The committee presents Israel related programs that include political, cultural, social, economic and religious interests. The IAC promotes:

  • connection with Israelis, including those from our community who have made aliya and those who are living here.
  • student visits to Israel whether from our children in day school, our b’nai mitzvah students, those in college and those eligible for BirthRight.
  • inspire active support of the progressive Jewish Movement in Israel including: synagogues, schools, and kibbutzim.
  • foster the celebration of Yom Ha’Atzmaut – Israel Independence Day throughout the Temple, including our Youth and Family Education Program and our Congregation Emanu-El Preschool.
  • create an atmosphere where our members can engage passionately and respectfully about their views, perspectives, hopes and dreams for the State of Israel.

For more information about the Israel Action Committee, please contact Alexa Asher at [email protected]

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