Pathways to Choosing Judaism at Congregation Emanu-El

Choosing Judaism at Congregation Emanu-El entails a period of spiritual, textual, and practical learning. The prospective convert studies about Judaism, participates in the life of the synagogue, and develops and deepens his or her personal commitment and relationship with God, Torah, and the Jewish people.

Conversion is a challenging and powerful process. While it requires strong dedication and soul-searching, the results are extraordinary. If you are interested in converting at Emanu-El, please fill out this form completely. Contact Conversion Assistant Brian Sharber with any questions

Preparation for conversion at Congregation Emanu-El includes the following activities:

Introduction to Judaism – The prospective convert usually begins with this course, taught by clergy. It is a pathway for the adult learner who wishes to discover Jewish knowledge. Each session will have two parts: an initial presentation on a specific topic, followed by discussion groups.

The Guide Rabbi – Each student will have a guide rabbi from our rabbinic faculty. The guide rabbi will periodically have individual meetings with the prospective candidate. Participants will also read selections from books chosen in consultation with the guide rabbi.

Jewish Living – The prospective convert begins to “view the world through Jewish eyes” through the celebration of Sabbath and holidays, observance of mitzvot, and participation in the Jewish community. Although not required, an ability to read Hebrew enhances participation in the synagogue and in Jewish ritual. The guide rabbi can provide suggestions on how to acquire a basic reading knowledge of Hebrew.

The Conversion Group – This group meets monthly during the winter and spring and creates an environment of guidance and support as individuals participate in various Jewish activities.

When the guide rabbi and the candidate agree that the individual is prepared for conversion, the rabbi will schedule a conversion ceremony which is a Beit Din (rabbinic court) and mikvah (ritual immersion). Prospective male converts can discuss the issue of circumcision with their guide rabbi.


Guidelines for conversion:

  • Synagogue participation
  • Completion of three trimesters of “Introduction to Judaism”
  • Full participation in the conversion group
  • A personal essay describing the journey toward conversion
  • Completion of the ritual requirements for conversion (Beit din and mikvah)

Becoming an adult B. Mitzvah, called Anshei Mitzvah, is encouraged for all those who have chosen Judaism as their life path.