Parent Resources

It is crucial to begin anti-bias and multicultural education early on (at a developmentally appropriate level!) in order to build childrens’ social-emotional capacity, their empathy, and their ability to speak about and respond to inequity, injustice, and violence when they experience it directly or indirectly. Involving children in these conversations cultivates their ability to think critically and independently and empowers them to take action when they recognize injustice in the world around them. 

Below are some resources to begin these conversations.

Children’s Books (not all of the books below are explicitly about race, but the majority tackle inclusion, empathy, and multiculturalism both directly and indirectly):

*Reading critically with your child involves slowing down and taking the time to help them reflect on what you’ve just read. Depending on the book, discussions may involve talking about what a character’s actions tell us about their personality, how the story makes you feel, or how the book’s setting is important to the overall message. It might mean helping your child recognize something about the plot and the conflict that exists and reflect on what different characters might be feeling. It also means asking more open-ended questions to which there can be multiple correct answers. Move through the book slowly, look at the pictures, and stop to notice and wonder out loud.

Document compiled by Nika Greenberg, May 2020.