Gift Planning and
the Emanu-El Legacy Circle

Including the Congregation in your estate planning is a promise to your children, grandchildren, and future generations that Emanu-El will continue to be a thriving home for worship, study, and community. By making this generous contribution, you will become an honored member of the Emanu-El Legacy Circle. Recognition of your meaningful commitment to the Congregation’s future will include a permanent tribute to your values and generosity at the synagogue, acknowledgment in our donor reports, and invitations to special events during the year.

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There are several ways to cement your legacy at Congregation Emanu-El:

  • Name the synagogue in your will or estate plan as a recipient of a set percentage or dollar amount of your estate
  • Designate Emanu-El as a beneficiary to a life insurance policy, retirement fund, or IRA
  • Make a bequest of real estate, a valuable work of art, or other personal property

Unrestricted gifts provide Emanu-El with the maximum flexibility to allocate funds where the need is greatest—both today and tomorrow. If you wish to designate a more specific purpose to your gift, please consider one of the broad areas that serve our congregation’s core mission—worship and spirituality, Jewish education, or community and social justice—and inform the congregation so we can ensure that we will be able to honor your wishes.

The following sample provision may be helpful to you and your attorney.

“I bequeath to Congregation Emanu-El, Two Lake Street, San Francisco, California 94118, the sum of $ _________ * [or ________percent of my estate] for its general charitable, religious and educational purposes.”

If you have made a provision in your will, or would like more information on the Emanu-El Legacy Circle, please contact Julie Weinberg, Director of Development by phone at 415-750-7557 or by email at [email protected].