February 24, 2022 | Statement from Your Temple

We are horrified by the unwarranted attack by Russia against Ukraine. It is terrible to be so far away and watch a situation unfold that involves killing innocent people and trying to transform the world into a place that allows the powerful to dominate everyone else. We know that these events, though distant, are painful for our congregants and our staff members with connections to any part of the former Soviet Union.

Click here to support organizations providing relief.

We are here for our congregants and staff if you would like to talk with any of us about your own families and fears. Reach out to any of our clergy or to any of us who could be a listener and a source of comfort and support at this time.

“For when a commandment comes to your hand in order to be fulfilled you are obliged to do it with peace, as it is written ‘Seek peace and pursue it….'(Psalm 34:15) Seek it where you are and pursue it in other places as well.”